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From 183.99

Magnetic Lifters/Lifting Magnets supplied by Crane Handling, Manufactured by industry leader; Eclipse Magnetics.

"The fastest and safest option for lifting in 3 steps!"

1. Lower the magnet onto the plate

2. Turn the handle to activate the magnet

3. Lift in safety

Eclipse Magnetics has been manufacturing magnetic lifting equipment since the 1930's there for you can be sure that when purchasing an Eclipse magnet you are buying a product of high quality that is build to last. All products are warrantied by Eclipse.

Ultralift Plus 125kg-2,000kg  RRP From 333.50 Our Price From 299.99

The Eclipse Ultralift Plus is known as the worlds smallest lifting magnet, suitable for a variety of lifting applications where alternative equipment such as slings and chains would have been used. The Ultralift Plus takes the hassle out of loading heavy greasy chains, attaching them to the load, un-attaching them and so on. The Ultralift Plus is a simple 3 step process to safe lifting. This magnet is also capable of lifting both round and flat sections.


1. Built in Safety Catch

The safety catch securely locks in the handle to the 'On' position, securing the load and providing a robust and positive lock to the switching mechanism. This gives the user peace of mind that they and their load are safe.


2. Lifting Eye

The Eclipse Ultralift Plus incorporates a built in lifting eye as standard to eliminate the need to add a lifting shackle to attach the magnet to a hoist/crane. Featuring an additional safety catch. Once the load is lifted causing tension with the lifting eye, the mechanism locks the handle ensuring the magnet can not be released by accident.


3. Hand Brake Release

The magnet can be easily released by using one hand.


4. Safety Shim

The Eclipse magnetics Ultralift Plus is the only permanently magnetic lifting magnet to be supplied complete with a 'safety shim' (internationally paintented). This allows pre-testing of the load to be lifted, irrespective of weight, material type, material thickness and surface condition. If the load passes a 3:1 safety factor is guaranteed.

The Ultralift Plus requires no power to operate, there for generating no running costs. Using Neodymium 'rare earth' magnetic material for the highest power to weight ratio. Neodymium is permanently magnetic.


                                          Dimensions (mm)                                                                 Flat Section                                  Round Section

Model no. Weight (kg) A B C D E F Length Max (mm) SWL (kg) Thickness Minimum (mm) SWL (kg) Diameter Maximum (mm)
UL0125+ 4 101 155 69 74 64 152 1500 125 20 50 200
UL0250+ 11 155 241 92 96 94 218 1500 250 25 100 300
UL0500+ 27 224 300 122 128 123 266 1500 500 30 200 400
UL1000+ 63 260 359 176 174 140 391 1500 1000 45 400 450
UL2000+ 157 368 477 233 227 195 493 2000 2000 70 800 600

Ultralift LM 'All-Purpose'  RRP From 205.50 Our Price From 183.99

The Eclipse Magnetics Ultralift LM has been designed for 'all-purpose' magnetic steel lifting. Suitable for thousands of applications, easy to install and free to run! This high performance lifting magnet is light weight and durable saving space, making your storage and handling areas more efficient. 5 Sizes available.

Incorporating a safe locking mechanism, preventing the user from accidently turning the maget off while a load is present. Far more efficient than standard steel lifting clamps, leaving no marks on the loads surface. 3:1 safety factor.

                                         Dimensions (mm)                                                        Flat Section                                  Round Section

Model no. Weight (kg) A B C D E F SWL (kg) Thickness min (mm) Length Max (mm) SWL (kg) Diameter Max (mm) Length Max (mm)
LM0125 4.5 110 150 76 6 54 150 125 20 1500 50 250 1500
LM0250 8.5 165 210 90 72 76 200 250 25 1500 100 300 1500
LM0500 17.5 225 281 106 88 103 243 500 30 2000 200 400 2000
LM1000 36.5 325 391 136 103 113 365 1000 45 3000 400 450 3000
LM2000 79 400 483 186 132 170 526 2000 70 3000 800 600 3000

Ultralift TP (Thin Plate Lifting)  List Price From 372.50 Our Price From 329.99

The Eclipse Magnetics Thin Plate Lifting Magnet is an idea alternative to plate lifting clamps. Non-marking, super efficient and simple to operate. Able to lift single sheets from a stack.

The Ultralift TP lifting magnet saves time and could reduce the amount of staff you require for loading and unloading. For a job that takes 2 men, hooks, chains or slings, the TP lifting magnet requires just one hand! No more stress, no more worries, the Ultralift TP provides a secure method of lifting and transporting thin plate metal.

  • No running costs
  • More efficient storage
  • Quicker and easier to use than slings, chains, hooks and grabs.
  • Access required to top face only
  • Non-marking

Model: TP150

Material Thickness 5mm Material Thickness 6mm Material Thickness 8mm Material Thickness 10mm
SWL (kg) SWL (kg) SWL (kg) SWL (kg)
75 100 150 200


Weight 8kg (17.64lb)
Max Operating Temperature 80 C (176 F)
A 352mm
B 300mm
C 181mm
D 100mm
E 126mm
F 74mm

Model: TP300

Material Thickness 5mm Material Thickness 6mm Material Thickness 8mm Material Thickness 10mm
SWL (kg) SWL (kg) SWL (kg) SWL (kg)
150 200 300 400


Weight 15kg (33.07lb)
Max Operating Temperature 80 C (176 F)
A 352mm
B 300mm
C 181mm
D 100mm
E 126mm
F 74mm


Magnetic Battery Lifter 1,250-3,000kg  P.O.A.

"The power and ease of operation of an electro-magnet, the safety, the convenience and flexibility of a permanent-magnet lifter."

  • Lift up to 3,000kg fast and safe
  • Permanent magnet means failsafe operation- once load is held it stays held until switched
  • Push button or automated switching- operator does not have to be in lifting area
  • Only access to top face of load is necessary so stock can be stored more efficiently
  • Unique replaceable rechargeable battery pack
  • Low battery alarm (audible and visual)

The battery pack is only used to switch the magnet on and off. The lifting power is entirely provided by 'rare earth' permanent magnets. Once the magnet is switched on, the load remains held even if the battery loses charge!

No installation, no wires- simply hook and go!

A self-activating eye switch can be used to activate and deactivate the lifter. The magnet switches on when placed on a load and off when the load is no longer supported by the magnet. This means the operator does not have to manually switch the magnet- the operator can remain at a safe distance from the lift area.

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