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Heavy duty intense lifting applications require seriously heavy duty well built hoists. Chain hoists and manual equipment may not be suitable and there for you require a wire rope hoist.

This type of electric hoist can be supplied in several different suspension formations to suit the beam/crane that it will be operating on, they can also be fitted in a static position if required. Usually fitted with horizontal traversing wheels allowing cross travel along the beam or crane beam, many hoists are also equipped with two speed or "dual speed" motions, this features one slow speed for creeping and edging loads into place precisely and one fast speed that should be used when not requiring precise movements. Applying a small amount of pressure to a motion button will activate slow speed, further pressure will activate the faster speed.

Double beam electric wire rope hoists or "Crab Units" are also available for use on overhead cranes-this allows the hoists to sit on top of a double girder beam crane with the hook dropping between both beams, usually to carry a large load.

Most models in the UK run on 415v 50hz three-phase power supply, avaliable in most industrial premises. Control options pose an array of opportunity for remote control systems, low voltage pendant controls and even in conjunction with overhead crane controls enabling the user to operate the long travel or movement of the crane's beam that the hoist might be suspended from.

A range of specialist hoist configurations is also available such as ATEX explosion proof models, low headroom and ultra low headroom models to maximise hook path, to most industrial lifting problem an electric wire rope hoist can be the solution.

For more information for our electric wire rope hoists click here or contact us today on 01384 441 235

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