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Crane Handling regularly supplies and installs Donati electric wire rope hoists, and our current versions include monorail, fixed, articulated, low headroom and crab unit. Our fixed position hoist is designed for basic positioning, while itís fitted with eyebolts, so it can be fixed on a frame.

Our articulated monorail (normal headroom) trolley can hold up to 20,000kg on two or four falls of rope, while the hoisting features are the same as the fixed model. You do get a self braking trolley motor with this version though, and it can be single or dual speed, depending on your requirements.

The low headroom version is counterbalance fitted, so youíre guaranteed correct weight distribution. This version also includes supporting bars, while the hoist is positioned to run alongside the trolley on the bottom beam flange. Our double beam Donati electric wire rope hoist, also known as the crab unit, can hold up to 50,000kg, while this model features electric double beam trolleys travelling on top of the rails to achieve maximum hook path. There are also two drive wheels and two idler wheels for precise control, and the wheels are pressed from carbon steel.

To find out more about our Donati electric wire rope hoists, get in touch with a member of our team today. We can guide you through the most suitable options, taking your unique requirements into account.

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