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A Frame and Mobile Gantry Systems are ideal for temporary lifting applications where the gantry might be required somewhere else after the operation is complete, such as for loading a lathe that is moved around the workshop or only used occasionally.

Mobile gantries are usually an acceptable temporary solution up to two tonnes, larger mobile gantries require additional supports and are not so standardly manufactured. Most mobile gantry systems feature a span of around two meters (this can be larger or smaller) that houses an electric chain hoist however the buyer can opt for a manual chain hoist to save on money or for applications where there is no power source such as outdoor maintenance operations.

The most important thing to remember when operating a mobile gantry system is that the A Frame must not be transported using the wheels while there is a load. It is acceptable for the hoist to travel along the beam when there is a load but the whole frame must be static at this time to avoid the frame from falling over should the load rock, this could cause a dangerous accident, always take proper precautions when using Lifting Equipment.

Mobile Gantry Systems can also be specified with parking jacks to ensure that the frame cannot be moved while lifting (providing the user ensures the parking jacks are activated) this is a safety accessory that we always recommend.

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