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Radio remote control systems for overhead cranes make life safer for the operator, easier and improve efficiency. When lifting large heavy loads the crane operator using a wired pendant control may find it difficult to see around every angle of the load, there for he will not know who or what is potentially on the other side unless he lets go of the pendant and takes a walk around to check everything is clear, this takes lots of time to be accurate and can delay processes thus being counter productive.

Comfortable mounted, the radio control remote can be positioned in a holster or on a belt to enable quick grabbing and operation of the remote. as required by LOLER rules and regulations all radio control systems feature an emergency stop on the remote control. A receiver is connected to the control panel of the crane or hoist to receive the radio control signals over radio frequency, control frequency can be adjusted to avoid accidental operation of other overhead cranes in the signal area running on radio control systems.

Remote controls not only make take the effort out of crane operation they also feature clever commands exactly the same as a pendant control such as two speed operation to active the creeping speed and main speed of the hoist/crane, a radio remote system can be programmed to control the hoists lift as well as the horizontal travel and if applicable down-shop travel of the gantry.

Most people's initial reaction to radio control is "we will be changing the batteries every 5 minutes" This is no longer the case with the latest powerful long lasting rechargeable battery packs that can be modified safely to operate on standard AA batteries if required. Reliability is primary for our radio control systems, we only supply high quality systems and in the event that you should require spare parts or accessories these can be shipped direct to you overnight (or same-day at cost) to get you back into production quicker.

if you need more information for our Overhead Crane Radio Remote Control Systems or Radio remote control systems contact our friendly team today on 01384 441 235.

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