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Camlok Lifting Clamps
Parallel Block Grabs
Pile Pulling Clamps
Rail Pulling Clamps
TTR Vertical Flange Girder Stacking Clamps
Vertical Drum Clamp
Adjustable Dual Tine Hooks
Fixed Multi Rail Grabs
Low Headroom Drum Grabs
Pipe Hooks
TTG Horizontal Flange Girder Stacking Clamp
Twin Arm Coil Hooks
Horizontal Lifting Drum Tongs
Interchangeable Multi Rail Grabs
Light Weight Block Grabs
Pile Pitching Clamps
Universal Turning Hooks
Cable Drum Lug
Inside Coil Grabs
Upright Drum Clamps
Light Weight Profile Steel Grabs
SCS Swivel Jaw Beam Clamps
Adjustable Single Tine Hooks
Camlok Rail Clamps & Grabs
Camlok RH/WH/WHL/WHP Horizontal Plate Clamps
Camlok Vertical Plate Clamps
Camlok Round Stock & Block Grabs
Camlok SCA Angle Clamp Beam Clamps
Camlok Screw And Beam Clamps
Camlok Standard Beam Clamps
Camlok TAG/TWG Wide Jaw Universal Clamps
Camlok THK Thin Sheet Horizontal Plate Clamps
Camlok Bag Lifters & Fork Tine Hooks
Camlok THS Loading Horizontal Plate Clamps
Camlok Crane Forks
Camlok 92 Series Vertical Plate Clamps
Camlok ACH Adjustable Horizontal Plate Clamps
Camlok Beam Clamps With Shackle
Camlok CH/HH Horizontal Plate Clamps
Camlok Coil Handling Clamps
Camlok CX Hinged Vertical Plate Clamps (Heavy Duty- Side Loading)
Camlok CY Hinged Vertical Plate Clamp (Two Leg Chain Sling)
Camlok Girder Clamps
Camlok Heavy duty plate clamps with safety lock
Camlok HG 'High Grip' Vertical Plate Clamps
Camlok Horizontal Plate Clamps
Camlok Magnetic Lifting
Camlok Manual Lifting
Camlok Non-marking Clamps
Container Lifting Lugs
Camlok TJC 'Twin Jaw' Vertical Plate Clamps
Board Lifting Clamps
Hand Grip Clamps
Magnetic Claws
Single Arm C-Hooks
CG Standard Girder Turning Clamps
Crane Forks & Safety Cage
Permanent Lifting Magnets
Camlok TSB Non-marking Friction Plate Clamps
Camlok Safety Cages & Shearlegs
Manual Balance Crane Forks
Self Weight Balance Crane Forks
Standard Drum Clamp
LJ Non-Marking Plate Clamps
Round Stock Grabs
TTT Horizontal Girder Clamps (Split Toe Plate)
Big Bag Lifters
Camlok Drum Handling Clamps
Single Rail Clamps
Tipping Drum Grab


We sell all Camlok products from plate clamps to crane forks. Please note our prices dispayed are strictly list prices, please call us for a competative deal!

We offer:

  • Competative prices
  • Combined Shipping
  • Bulk Discount

Vertical Plate Clamps

Up to 30,000kg Capacities!

Horizontal Plate Clamps

Up to 10,000kg

Wide Jaw Clamps

Up to 10,000kg

Non-Marking Clamps

Up to 1500kg

Screw Clamps/Beam Clamps

Up to 10,000kg 

Bulb Bar Clamps/Anchors

Up to 6000kg

Girder Clamps


Rail Clamps/Grabs

Magnetetic Lifting

Manual Lifting



Crane Forks 


Drum Handling Clamps


Round Stock & Block Grabs


Coil Handling Clamps


Continer Lifting Lugs


Bag Lifters/Fork Truck Tine Hooks

Safety Cages/Shearlegs/Specials

 We can supply lifting clamps suitable for lifting plates, beams, sheet metal and much else! Our plate clamps are made from the highest quality steels and are manufactured by one of the most respected lifting clamp manufacturers in the industry.

Crane Handling also have a range of other lifting equipment such as beam clamps, lifting magnets, manual operated lifting glabs, crane forks, big bag lifter and container lugs.

We aim to provide the most competative prices in the industry that is why we ask you to call so we can taylor a quote to your exact requirements such as quantity of products, delivery and if necessary; trade credit.

Our lifting clamps can lift up to 30,000kg Jaw capacity up to 130mm

we can even fit links and chains for special orders (price on application)

Next day delivery as standard on all products from just 14.50!

Plate Clamp | Lifting Clamp | Horizontal Plate Clamp | Crane Clamp | Big Bag Lifters | Crane Fork | Container Lifting Lug | Drum Handling Clamp | Non-Marking Plate Clamp | Non-Marking Lifting Clamp | Heavy Duty Lifting Clamp | Horizontal Clamp | Vertical Clamp | Coil Handling Clamp | Beam Clamp | Beam Shackle | Bulb Bar Clamp|

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