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Crane Handling supply and fit overhead cranes and electric hoists with radio remote control systems. Full radio control conversions have been carried out by us on some of the biggest cranes in the world, but also some of the smallest electric chain hoists have also benefited.

Our range of radio remote control systems is second to none. We have ex stock availability of many types of radio remote systems to suit various applications such as cranes or hoists requiring dual speed and all motion control.

We are suppliers of Yale, HBC Radiomatic, Ikusi and many more. Our prices are always competitive and we are competent in supplying to small companies as well as firms operating in the nuclear industry.

Extended Safety- With the addtion of a radio control system the crane operator can stand a safe distance from the load, protecting himself and others by having a clearer view of the load being hoisted.

Radio Remote Control Systems are usually made up of two major components; the radio remote and the receiver.

Radio Remote Control- This features the desired amount of buttons to control the required motions and extra features. This always features an emergency stop button for added safety and peace of mind.

Radio Remote Receiver- This component is fitted to the hoist or crane externally to transmit and receive signals from the radio remote, the signals are then passed to the crane control gear via a physical connection between crane or hoist and receiver.

Fitting- This can be performed by a competent person or Crane Handling can fit the control system for you. We offer two types of fitting; on-site and off-site.

On-site fitting: Requires our engineers to travel to your site, fit and test the radio control system thoroughly. This is usually performed on large overhead cranes and fixed hoists that cannot easily be removed or taken out of service.

Off-site fitting: This service is a favourite with our customers, we can send our trusted couriers to collect your hoist on a pallet, bring it back to our works where we will fit and test the radio remote system on to your hoist unit.

For more information on our range of radio remote control systems for overhead cranes and radio remote control conversions please contact our sales team.


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