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Donati DMK Series Electric Chain Hoist

Donati guarentee their electric chain hoist products for 3 years from the delivery date. Donati's range of electric chain hoists are of superior quality and thus provide long-term reliability, proving great value for money. Donati conform to ISO 9001 standards to ensure they are internationally recognised as only the best! Made In Italy.

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4 Basic sizes: DMK 1-2-3-4, to lift loads from 100-4000kg

With 1 lifting speed: 4 or 6,3,8, 16m/min for 1 chain fall hoists 2,5 or 3,2,4 m/min for 2 chain fall hoists

With two lifting speeds: 4/1 or 8/2,5 m/min for 1 chain fall hoists  2,5/0,8 or 3,2/1 m/min for 2 chain fall hoists

Standard hook runs: up to 12m- above 12m avalible on request


The DMK has the flexability to utilize 6 standard configuartions

Fixed Configuration: eyebolt suspension as a standard or hook suspension of request

Hand Pushed Trolley: horizontal movement pushing the load. It is recomended for light duty and short travel only

Electrically-Operated Trolley: this version is recomended when manual load pushing is not feasible and for heavy duty. The load is moved by the trolley which is controlled by the hoist pushbutton panel.

Manual Gear Operated Chain Trolley: the trolley is operated by the use of a chain that moves the wheels and is controlled by the operator. This configuaration is used in applications accomplishing a low number of cycles, when load travel is short, or when micro inching is required

Low Headroom Execution: the hoist, to get the maximum hook-run is fitted on a frame with a return system for the chain, the frame is mounted on 2 trolleys.

Climbing: the 'climbing' execution allows the reaching of the installation point with the hook and the related chain, without having to lift the entire weight of the hoist. It is the particulary suited to the entertainment industry, that is when frequent installation and dismatling of the hoist at greater heights take place.


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