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Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Crane Handling supply and install Electric Wire Rope Hoists and Overhead Crane Hoists from 800kg to 50000kg (50 Tonnes) in Monorail, fixed, articulated, low headroom or crab unit (double girder) formations.

Our range of Donati wire rope hoists feature up to 3 lifting speeds, four basic sizes and 5 variations of the drum from short to extra long.

Single Speed Hoisting: Fitted with 4 pole motor with 4 or 6m/min complete with four rope falls, 8 or 12m/min for two rope falls, 2.7m/min for six rope falls, 2.7 or 0.9m/min for eight rope falls. 

Dual Speed Hoisting: Fitted with 4/12 pole motor with 4/1.3 or 6/2m/min for four rope falls, 8/2.6 or 12/4m/min for two rope falls, 2.7/0.9m/min for six Rope Falls, 2/0.7m/min for eight rope fall models.

Three Speed Hoisting: Fitted with 4/12 pole motors the micro speed is obtained by the use of a frquency device on the 12 pole winding system.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists- Fixed Position

  • Designed for basic fixed positioning on a suitable beam. Fitted with eyebolts that allow the hoist to be fixed on a frame as a double beam trolley.
  • Fitted with modular components.
  • Minimal overall dimensions are achieved by the hoist being assembled in a coaxial line using high strength bolted connections.
  • Each connection features safety nuts with self-locking device which enables easy inspection.
  • Three stages of reduction is achieved by the addition of a coaxial reducer featuring self-braking motor, enclosure to IP55 standard and insulation class F.
  • Supply voltage: 400v 50hz 3phase (alternatives avaliable).
  • Protective plastic roof above the hoist's drum is supplied as standard on type C, N, & L
  • Overload protection as standard via an electromechanical device.

 Electric Wire Rope Hoists- Normal Headroom/Articulated Monorail Trolley

  • Hoisting features- same as fixed model.
  • Capacities up to 20,000kg on two or four falls of rope.
  • Hoist fitted to beam travelling trolley.
  • Avaliable as an articulated alternative to suit beams with bends.
  • Trolley motor is self-braking with progressive start-up.
  • Trolley can be single or dual speed.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists- Low Headroom Version

  • Hoisting features- same as fixed model.
  • Capacities up to 20,000kg on two or four rope falls.
  • Hoist is positioned to run along side the trolley on the bottom beam flange to enable maximum headroom.
  • Supporting bars help support the hoist in this position.
  • Counterbalance fitted to ensure weight distribution is correct.
  • Self-braking trolley motor.
  • Trolley is single or two speed.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists- Double Beam (Crab Unit) Version

  • Hoisting features- same as fixed model.
  • Capacities up to 50,000kg (50 Tonnes).
  • The version features electric double beam trolleys that travel on top of the rails to achieve maximum hook path.
  • Featuring two drive wheels and two idler wheels to acurate control.
  • Wheels Pressed from Carbon Steel.
  • Self-braking trolley motor.
  • Electric Travel limit switches are avaliable on request.

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