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Yale Height Safety Equipment
Carriage/ Delivery Charges
Safety Harnesses
Single Point Safety Harness CMHYP10
Two Point Safety Harness
Quick Connect 2 Point Harness CMHYP35A
Three Point Safety Harness CMHYP20
Four Point Safety Harness
Quick Connect Four Point Safety Harness
Rescue Safety Harness
Riggers Safety Harness CMHP70
Sit Safety Harness CMHPB70
Fall Arrest Lanyards
Rope Lanyards
Webbing Lanyards
Work & Restraint Lanyards
Height Safety Kits
Restraint Only - Safety Kit1
Basic Kit - Safety Kit 2
Scaffolders Kit Safety Kit 3 CMHYP03
Construction (2) Safety Kit 4
Construction (3) Safety Kit 5
Crane Maintenance Safety Kit 6
Roofers Kit Safety Kit 7
Work Positioning Safety Kit 8
Fall Arrest Blocks
Cable Blocks
Webbing Blocks
Tripods Winches and Rescue
Connectors and Accessories


Yale Height Safety Harnesses

When it comes to safety nothing should be spared, our customers purchase Safety Harness's because they know and trust the Yale brand, all our harnesses are manufactured to the highest quality standards, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, they provide users with the assurance they need to remain safe at heights. Ergonomially designed with aesthetics in mind too, Height Safety Harnenesses are a must for anyone working at heights.


 Single Point Safety Harness

Single Point Harness
Two Point Safety Harness

Two Point Harness
Two Point Quick Connect Safety Harness

Quick Connect
Two Point Harness

Three Point Safety Harness

Three Point Harness

Four Point Safety Harness

Four Point Harness

Quick Connect Four Point Safety Harness

Quick Connect
Four Point Harness

Rescue Safety Harness

Rescue Harness

Riggers Safety Harness

Riggers Harness

Work Positioning & Sit Safety Harness

Work Positioning and
Sit Harness



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