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Donati Jib CranesJib Cranes and Swing Jibs are ideal for lifting and handling loads within a 10m radius up to a weight of 10 Tonnes, providing a compact and reliable lifting solution perfect for workshops and production lines. Available with numerous customisable configurations and options to speed up production, ease strain and effort required from workers as well as improve safety conditions in many environments.

Our range of Donati Jib Cranes are designed to be efficient and low-profile with some models featuring integrated load trolleys offering a reduced weight, beam size and cost as well as an increased hook path (only available in manual trolley configurations- ask about our enclosed jib arms). Choose from electric or manually travelling hoists with one or two speeds, tropicalized hoists, rain coats and marine spec. paints for outdoor applications and ATEX EX versions for explosive environments.

Choose between free standing and wall mounted options as well as whether the crane arm be supported from below or above the arm (over-braced or under-braced) with under-braced offering maximum hook path- ideal for applications where there are low ceilings or lights and maximum lift is required. Articulated Jib Cranes can be supplied to avoid a fixed object in the cranes reach or to gain a different angle of lift- the crane arm is in two sections which pivot enabling the crane to reach around an object in the way.

Swing Jibs usually slew manually up to 300 degrees, however full 360 degree electronic slewing motions can be supplied with all motion buttons conveniently integrated in to one pendant control unit which is usually hard wired in to the hoist/crane with a low voltage for added safety, this however can be swapped for a radio control unit where required for example in an application where the operator needs to be a safe distance from the load/crane such as in the Nuclear industry.

Crane Handling supply fully customisable Jib Cranes from 125kg up to 10,000kg to a vast array of industries such as:

  • OEM's
  • Nuclear
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Railways
  • Steel Manufacturing
  • Hydro Electric Power
  • Automotive
  • Docks

Mass production and economies of scale enable Donati to be the most competitive Swing Jib manufacturer in Europe. Where price and quality are concerned, there is no competition- innovative technology and quality assurance are standard with Donati, working to the same ISO 9001:2008 quality system as we do provides complete clarity in all aspects of supply. Although Donati is based in Italy, they provide global support through their distributors. Spare parts, maintenance guides and friendly advice is always on hand. In the UK there is a vast stock of spare parts always available for AM next day delivery just when you need it most, however with such impeccable reliability it is unlikely you will be calling upon us for parts any time soon.

Our superior and bespoke Industrial Jib Cranes from Donati will no doubt improve your workshop production and in many cases have been noted to improve employee moral (everyone loves a new toy)!


When considering a Jib Crane one should take in to consideration the following in order to obtain a quotation:

  • Capacity (SWL- Safe Working Load) this is the maximum load you will be lifting.
  • Radius/Span- this is the length/span of the Jib arm, basically how far you need the hoist to travel.
  • Hook Path- Distance from the load lifting level to the underside of the jib arm (remember this can sometimes be larger than the height of the crane if your crane will be lifting in and out of a pit or is mounted on a mezzanine floor).
  • Maximum height of crane permitted- this is dependant on your building and how low your ceiling/lights/beams etc are.
  • Free standing or wall mounted (if free standing you may need to take advice on the suitability of your floor and sometimes testing is required to be sure, if wall mounted the same applies to the girder or support the arm will be mounted on).
  • Degree of rotation
  • New or Used Cranes

Always aiming to provide the lowest bid, we do encourage anyone with a price to call us today to see what we can offer, chances are we can save you money.

For more information on our range of Swing Jib Cranes, pricing and delivery please contact our friendly sales team who will assist you with your lifting requirement. 

Click Here to see our range of Swing Jibs


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