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Knuckled Jibs or 'Articulated Jibs' Include a 2 year Warranty!

Knuckle Jibs manufactured by Donati in Italy Used or New Call NOW!

Knuckle jibs are designed to bend like the knuckle of a hand allowing the jib arm to extend and avoid objects in its pathway.

With a safe working load from 125kg up to 500kg it makes the knuckle jib the ultimate light lifting Jib Crane for use in applications that require the jib arm to work around an object and extend from 2 meters up to 7 meters with a rotation of up to 360 degrees! The Crane is fitted with a Jib Arm made of two hindged parts. Both arms can be ordered with specific lengths.


  • 125kg-500kg
  • 2-7m optional jib arm length
  • up to 360 degree rotation
  • Column version = CBB Wall version = MBB
  • Fitted with a two hindge arm
  • arms can be of alternate size
  • the second arm incorporates a stirrup for hoist suspension
  • Electrical feed includes round multipolar flexible cable built in to a channel welded under the flange of the jib
  • Column fixing system by using the foundation frame with log bolts inserted in a foundation plinth or by using a counterplate suitable for chemical bolts.
  • Yellow Finish (base coat and top coat, enameled)
  • Wall fixing system (optional)

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