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PFAFF SJ Silverline Steel Jack Fixed Claw
PFAFF STW-F 'Proline' Steel Jacks (Fixed Claw)
PFAFF STW-V Steel Jacks (Adjustable Claw)
PFAFF ZWW Wall Mounted Rack And Pinion Jacks
PFAFF Optional Ratchet Cranks
PFAFF SCH-W Sluice Gate Jacks


From 569

SCH-W, sluice gate jack systems with rack and pinon drive

Capacities 1500 - 10000kgs

Sluice gate systems are used primarily in water power, agriculture and plant engineering. Different crank types and layouts present hundreds of possible arrangements.


Features and benefits include:

  • Spring loaded safety crank provides pressure when required.
  • 10000kg model supplied with a SIKU crank, others supplied with a SIFEKU crank.
  • Slide lacquer treated racks.
  • Spur gear with formed gearwheels.
  • Precisely milled crank gear.


  • Extended rack lengths.
  • Galvanised finish.


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