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PFAFF SJ Silverline Steel Jack Fixed Claw
PFAFF STW-F 'Proline' Steel Jacks (Fixed Claw)
PFAFF STW-V Steel Jacks (Adjustable Claw)
PFAFF ZWW Wall Mounted Rack And Pinion Jacks
PFAFF Optional Ratchet Cranks
PFAFF SCH-W Sluice Gate Jacks


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SJ 'Silverline' Steel Jacks (Fixed Claw)

Steel jacks are used primarily for assembly applications, to brace or support loads. Mechanical steel jacks can basically be used to lift almost all kinds of loads in maintenance and repair, ship building, construction, as well as agriculture. The integrated carrying handle makes it a portable and versatile tool.

The load can be positioned either on the head or on the claw and by turning the operating lever the jack shaft moves smoothly and conveniently up and down along the rack. The robust steel housing ensures a long service life, even in continuous use.




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