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PFAFF SJ Silverline Steel Jack Fixed Claw
PFAFF STW-F 'Proline' Steel Jacks (Fixed Claw)
PFAFF STW-V Steel Jacks (Adjustable Claw)
PFAFF ZWW Wall Mounted Rack And Pinion Jacks
PFAFF Optional Ratchet Cranks
PFAFF SCH-W Sluice Gate Jacks


From 293

ZWW, wall-mounted rack and pinion jacks

- with spur gear

- with worm gear

Capacities: 250 - 10000kgs

Best-selling range of high quality jacks designed for multi-purpose applications. Smooth lifting and high efficiency - in plant engineering, container construction, within the workshops or the building trade. For pulling and pushing, horizontal moving or vertical supporting of loads of up to 10 tonnes.


Precisely machined racks and high quality can be achieved with the lowest possible material wear, resulting in low costs.

Long-term experience with rack and pinion jacks result in superior Pfaff quality, guaranteeing the lifting and lowering of all kinds of loads. The wall-mounted rack and pinion jacks in 500kgs to 3000kgs versions are also available in 800, 1000, 1250mm stroke lengths.

Special lengths are also available on request.



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