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Yale ST Stage Lift Hydraulic Cylinder Image 

ST - Hydraulic Stage Lifts
Capacities up to 200 tonnes 

Stage lifts are compact "low head room" lifting devices for universal lifting applications.

They are designed tolift and lower loads over high distances.

Stage lifts overcome the usual limitations of the lifting height imposed by stroke length.

Stage lifts operate with "double-acting" hydraulic cylinders (return stroke by hydraulic pressure) and are equipped with a load spreading plate and a piston support plate.


Yale ChroMo Design
High quality materials ensure long service life
Stage lift body made from high grade aluminium
Low cost lifting systems possible, (3-point resp. 4-point)
Low weight (e.g. 60kg for a 50 ton unit)

Large diameter tilt saddle
Incl. coupler halves and carrying handles


A stage lift operates inverted and lifts the load via the bottom of the cylinder whilst it climbs on a pile of support bars (wood or aluminium).

In principle the load can be lifted to any height although stage lifts are still compact and versatile for "low headroom" lifting applications.

A further big advantage is that the load can be supported safely on the pile of support blocks at any stage.

The simple "3-step operation" eliminates the need for additional holding arrangements and the repositioning or replacing of cylinders which are normally required for a higher lifting distance.

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