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Yale AYS Accessories          Yale AYS Piston Support Plates Image

AYS - Accessories for YS Cylinders 
Lifting Claws
In connection with the corresponding hydraulic cylinder, a lifting claw represents a compact, lightweight and versatile lifting unit.

The lifting claws are screwed onto the collar thread of the cylinder series YS. Claws can be placed under loads with minimum clearance.

During the lifting operation, the cylinder must be supported against the load in order to eliminate unfavourable forces caused by eccentric loading.

Piston Plates
These can be screwed into the piston thread of cylinders series YS.
They reduce the surface pressure and prevent the pistons from sinking into the ground. Also, when using a piston plate in connection with a lifting claw, the cylinder must be supported against the load.

Base Adaptors & Extension Tubes
Extension tubes are mounted onto the bottom of cylinders series YS by means of the base adaptor and two hexagon socket screws (screws are included with the base adaptor).

The use of extension tubes adds to the versatility of the standard cylinders.

Support Plates
These load spreading plates are recommended when slim cylinders are used for lifting applications. They protect the cylinders from falling over and sinking into the ground.

They are of a robust steel design with carrying handle.

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