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Yale Hydraulics Tools and Equipment.
Yale hydraulic tools are designed for professional operation. A tool is only as good as its basic material. Therefore, our cylinders are designed from high-quality chromium-molybdenum steel and heat treated.

This unique basic material gives Yale hydraulic cylinders a distinctly higher strength in the elastic range, thus providing a considerably longer service life, primarily when hydraulic cylinders are subjected to inevitable eccentric loads.

Practice has shown that hydraulic cylinders used as a tool in workshops or on construction sites are frequently subjected to eccentric loading. Yale hydraulic cylinders are provided with double bronze bearings on the plunger, which minimises friction between plunger and body during lateral loading.

Hard-chromium plated pistons offer excellent protection against mechanical damage and corrosion. Excellent sliding characteristics in conjunction with the upper bronze bearing in the stop ring.

Yale hydraulic cylinders are delivered 'ready to use' including: female coupler half, hardened saddle and mounting threads. Larger cylinders come with carrying handle or transportation lugs.

This also applies to customised combinations which are always supplied ready assembled.

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